The Best Coffee in London


It is so unfortunate that London is home to an absurd number of chain coffee shops that serve up terrible coffee at extortionate prices. Thankfully, in recent years we have seen an influx of places that treat the coffee with respect it deserves and consequently serves up great cups. Why should I listen to your opinion on coffee you ask? Given that I live in the Congo which is bordered by Rwanda and Burundi, I have access to great coffee from all 3 countries and so know a thing or two about how a coffee should taste. Now that is out of the way, let’s get onto the point of this article and that is to tell you about my favourite 5 spots in the city to get a cup of coffee.

Caravan – King’s Cross

Coffee aside, this is one of my favourite brunch spots and you can read why here. Onto the actual coffee and it’s apparent from the aroma by the bar at the back that these guys know what they are doing. The coffee is sourced from around the world, but roasted on site daily to ensure it remains as fresh as possible. Having tried all the different types of coffee on offer, I think the latte is the one to go for. Not only do they produce some great #latteart, you can actually taste the coffee without it being an overly sweet cup of milk.

Curators Coffee – City of London

I stumbled upon this place entirely by chance and I am so glad I did. It may be small but it is certainly popular with the people who work in and around Leadenhall Market. With freshly baked goods on offer as well as sandwiches, this place is constantly heaving. On a cold morning, an espresso macchiato always does the trick. On far too many occasions you find the ratio of froth to coffee wrong or then a healthy dollop of milk is added in without it being asked for. The guys are curators have managed to get the drink spot on, helped by the fact that the coffee they use is sourced and roasted by Colonna Coffee.


Department of Coffee and Social Affairs – Spitalfields Market

First of all, how cool is that name?! Sound Harry Potter-ish and that alone should make you want to go there. Add to this the fact that Hardens names their coffee as the best in London, you know you’re getting seriously good stuff. Although they have locations all over the world and insist that the coffee is constant through their branches, the venue of choice for me is the one in Spitalfields. Go for either their Ugandan or Ethiopian brew and you won’t be disappointed. On a warm day, their cold brew is unbeatable. Oh, they have an amazing motto.


Taylor Street Baristas – Liverpool Street

Step inside this tiny little shop and you can’t help but chuckle at the dynamic of the place. Bearded and tattooed baristas, suited up bakers, words like bro and dude being thrown about all to the sound track of rap music. Despite this, it all works because of the quality of the coffee. Beans are sourced from 30 countries all around the world meaning you can try new blends regularly. The flat white here in my opinion is the best in London.

Have you ever seen a better looking to go coffee?!


Ginger and White – Hampstead

Similar to Caravan, this is actually a café rather than a dedicated coffee shop but look past the food and you’ll realise that these guys take coffee very seriously. With coffee coming from Colombia and Brazil, you get to experience a slightly sweeter blend than at some of the other places mentioned in this article. This place also does an incredible mint hot chocolate, not coffee I know, but it tastes great and it worth a try.

How does one create art on hot chocolate?

I know that there are so many more places across London that could have easily been on this list, but for me these are the most consistent. With the exception of Ginger and White, you can purchase beans or ground powder from all of the above with TSB even doing a home delivery subscription service. I would love to hear from you where your preferred spot is.




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