Breakfast at Dishoom King’s Cross


We all know the importance of starting your day with a proper breakfast and in my eyes, nothing beats a breakfast in India. Given that it’s just a little far to go for breakfast (I have been for just the weekend, read the guide for that here), the next best thing in my eyes is a Dishoom breakfast, sorry mum.

The Kings Cross branch is my favourite of the lot and they have captured the Bombay vibe without going over the top with tacky artefacts that are probably mas-produced in a factory somewhere in China. Sit across any of its three floors but if you don’t mind sitting on a sofa rather than a proper table, you can sit near at the front of the restaurant with the bar on one side and huge windows on the other, you know, good lighting and all.

You will not eat this guy

Let’s get onto the reason you’re here; the food. First dish was what my friend ordered, the Kejriwal, no not the chap famous for his hat, but the eggs kejriwal. This Bombay staple is chilli cheese toast topped with fried eggs, so much room for error on such a seemingly simple dish but Dishoom got it just right. Not so much chilli that you can’t taste anything else, not too much cheese that it becomes stodgy and two perfectly fried eggs with runny yolks. It would be mean not to share a photo of the real thing after subjecting you to looking at Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.


Onto my dish, and it was what has become synonymous with the phrase ‘Dishoom breakfast’, the naan roll. Even in India you will struggle to find a naan for breakfast but somehow it works. Note it is not a naan bread, just a naan. They take said naan, coat one side in a fine layer of cream cheese, add some chilli tomato jam, a sprinkling of herbs and another pair of perfectly fried eggs and what you have is an incredible plate of food. Again, so simple but so tasty. As tempting as it is to pick it up and tuck in, I urge you to pick up the knife and slice into the yolk. It looks amazing #yolkporn and also it coats the rest of the naan making it just that much tastier.

Bringing these two together were a portion of masala beans and also a portion of grilled mushrooms. Add to this some orange juice and then finish off with bottomless chai and you’re onto a winner.

I think it’s pretty easy to guess how I am going to conclude this post. If I am being really picky, the only complaint I have is that the chai is too sweet but that’s because at home I drink it without sugar. I strongly regret not trying something else as well but did manage to pinch some of eggs kejriwal from my friend. This only means one thing to be honest, I have to go back to try everything else on that menu!


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