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The poached egg on some form of bread craze across London shows no sign of slowing down. There are so many variations available, I have had mine topped with spinach and hollandaise, feta and avocado, labneh and lemon dukkah and a whole host of other combinations. This is all well and good but sometimes you just want something simple. Properly cooked eggs, freshly baked sweet treats and a cracking flat white. If the sound of this is making your mouth water then you need to get yourself to Caravan on Granary Square, a short walk from Kings Cross Station. They operate a no bookings policy but have a bar at the back where you can indulge in said coffee or then perhaps a mimosa if that’s your thing whilst you wait for a table.

The menu changes around a fair bit, especially the desserts, but on the whole, the eggs stay fixed, and if not, they will be more than happy to whip up something for you. Go for the poached egg on smashed avocado on sourdough, topped with a splash of lemon juice and a few chilli flakes. The egg is poached to perfection and you get the yolk oozing out as you slice through it. My only small complaint, for such a big piece of toast, maybe give two eggs as standard instead of one?

We all know that one egg isn’t really going to fill you up so my second egg dish of choice is the classic scrambled eggs on toast. Everyone seems to have their own version of this dish. Some add crème fraiche, some add cream, some use a cold pan…you get my point. Whatever they do here, the end product is sublime. You get the fluffy eggs that are melt in your mouth, you know the kind you can never seem to replicate at home no matter how many Youtube videos you watch.

Would brunch be brunch if you didn’t indulge in something sweet? (don’t worry about the calories, they don’t count on the weekend). Caravan bake a whole selection of cakes, breads and tarts on a daily basis, but be quick, these sell out really fast, especially on the weekend. As mentioned above, the dessert changes frequently and so something I write about here may not be there when you visit.

Roasted pineapple, coconut and passionfruit muffin with a cappuccino

One dessert that has stood the test of time is the salted caramel affogato. For those not in the know, this is vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of espresso, in this case salted caramel espresso. Personally, I have never understood how something that is: hot, cold, sweet and bitter all in one can work, but it just does. Everything comes together in your mouth in perfect harmony. The good news is that this is one thing you can recreate at home without knowing how to cook.

This is a place that doesn’t take bookings so get there early, you’re going to want something from that daily specials menu and I would hate for you to be disappointed. In the summer (do we even have a summer anymore?) you can sit outside and soak in the atmosphere of Granary Square.  If you want to go and sit for just a coffee and perhaps read a book or crack on with some work you can perch on one of their bar stool type tables and do what you need to do. It goes without saying then that Caravan is one of my favourite breakfast/ brunch spots in London.

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