Oli Baba’s Halloumi Fries Camden


In recent years, Camden has undergone a bit of a transformation. What once had limited dining options is now home to some great places to eat, especially Kerb Camden where you can get literally everything your heart desires. Think vegan pies, Columbian cuisine, raclette, gelato, huge cheese wheels…the list goes on and on.

This review however is about the famous halloumi fries. Set up by a guy called Oli, hence the name Oli Baba’s, this little stall attracts people from the world over. I kid you not, a girl next to me said she came all the way from Kuwait just to try these fries #willtravelforfood. Inspired by his family heritage and his own travels, Oli quickly realised that halloumi can be the main attraction and not just a side order. Fast forward to 2016 and his pop-up found itself a permanent home here in Camden and I am so grateful it did because the fries are incredible. A quick flick through Instagram will tell you that I am not the only one who thinks this.

Nick makes it look so effortless

The process behind it is simple:

  1. Take slices of halloumi and deep fry
  2. Coat in sumac
  3. Pour generous lashings of yoghurt and pomegranate molasses
  4. Top with fresh mint, fresh pomegranate and Turkish chillies

The fries are a little on the pricey side at £6 a portion but do not by any means be fooled into thinking you need one portion a person. At least one whole supermarket sized block of halloumi goes each serving so by my reckoning one between two should be just fine.

That’s enough talking from me, watch the video below and do you best not to get ridiculously hungry.


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