The Delaunay Covent Garden


The Delaunay is one of those places where you can settle in for a long brunch and enjoy some good food paired with exceptional service. To me it’s reminiscent of a fancy European hotel with a hint of old school New York glamour. In short, it’s a very nice place to find yourself on a Sunday morning whilst sipping your latte.

The menu is extensive with a combination of classic as well as new dishes on offer. We kicked things off with the eggs florentine and for me there was no faults. Hollandaise is a tricky thing to get right and people have their own preference on how it should taste and what the consistency should be. The Delaunay play it safe and good on them because it works. Not too thick nor too watery and no intense hits of citrus or butter, it’s poured over the eggs generously and topped with a sprinkling of chives. As you’d expect, the eggs are poached just right and sit on top of two freshly baked breakfast muffins.

Next up is the tart flambé topped with goats cheese and caramelised onions. It’s hard to describe the dish in words but I will have a go. The base is similar to that of a pizza but very thin and crispy. It then has the toppings placed onto it and at some stage it will be flambéed although I am not too sure when this happens. Eating it is a funny experience because you have a pretty plain bread like base and then all of a sudden you get hit with the intense flavour of goats cheese and the sweet crunch of the onions. Not a fan personally purely because I can’t quite understand how it all comes together.

As our waiter bought back the menu, I already knew in my mind what I was going to have and it was one of the main reasons I chose The Delaunay in the first place. The pancakes here are constantly rated as some of the best in London. We opted for the pancakes with blueberries and crème fraiche. They are beautifully presented as a stack of three topped with some blueberry compote, fresh blueberries and a healthy dollop of crème fraiche. I can confirm that they fully deserve to be rated so highly. These pancakes are so soft and fluffy and together with the tried and tested fruit and crème combination they are an absolute joy to eat. Sharing was a little difficult if I’m honest.

For me the Delaunay is everything a lazy Sunday brunch should be. I like the fact that the menu doesn’t stray too far from the classics and that what it does serve, it does very well. Booking ahead is really recommended because this place fills up quick with not only locals but also tourists of all ages. In a time where you find things like lattes being served out of avocado skins, it is nice to see somewhere that is confident in keeping things simple and with a focus on getting the basics right.


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